C.Muire is a collective production of pyrography and woodworking. Located in a humble East Austin studio, Celina and her assistant, Moose, craft a variety of home goods that combines the traditional dexterity of wood-burning and geometric wood patterns that contribute to a contemporary finish.


The fortuitous muses for C.Muire vary, but each hand-crafted piece holds virtue in their exclusive character and practicality. In the early days, Celina was completely unable to understand the complex domain of interface design (still to this day, a true statement). She lacked total wherewithal for computerized eye candy, software tutorials, DPI's, bitmaps, and vector construction. Left bewildered and defeated by graphic design, Celina decided to retreat back to a more rudimentary expression of art- something that was both absolute and perpetual. As a maker, Celina wanted to create something that could not be done by a laser machine, or excessively perfected and edited on a computer program- further driving her to engage in all the risks that come with using traditional media. Both pyrography and woodworking proved to be one of the most permanent crafts; demanding full commitment if a mistake is made, since there is no "undo" button.

When quoted for this about section, Celina stated:

"My work is handmade and is not over-perfected. Wood pieces are not engraved by a laser machine, but burned meticulously by hand at 800 degrees. My wooden spoons and knives are delicately chiseled and carved by hand. Hours of thought, exertion, and of course, joy, are poured into the end product of everything I make. Quality is important to me. However, each product is unlike the rest, and if you look closely, there may be some minor imperfections. But when you run your hands over these products you can feel the venerated undertaking and a unique character not found from a computer-generated or mass-produced byproduct. Ultimately, you gain the intimacy of someone’s craft that you wouldn’t find in a jPeg.
Or a tiff? A PNG?

No idea."

Moose, busy sculpting rawhide, declined to comment.